The KeepsIt website is aimed at being the best place for you to keep notes. This projects started as a project to teach a friend PHP but expanded quickly. Development of KeepsIt halted after discovering a similar service offered by EverNote.


During development features were added daily, selected from a prioritized list stored within KeepsIt itself.


List of main/interesting functionality:

  1. Plain and rich-text storage
  2. reCAPTCHA on signup
  3. Sharing and Privacy controls
  4. Search
  5. Labels
  6. Mobile Website (optimized for Phones and Kindle Reader)
  7. Bookmarklet to create a note from content on any website
  8. Daily backups of the DB
  9. Share notes via SMS or Email
  10. Stores change revisions



  • Initially used as teaching project
  • Sharpen PHP skills
  • Play with AJAX
  • Learn many other technologies (see features above for examples)
  • Personal and Public use


Current Status

  • Not maintained
  • Still mostly functional