This is a JavaScript + Canvas implementation of Conway’s Game of Life. This is a very small “game” I wrote to play around with the design that could be used for the future Wall Art project as well as having a quick spin with Canvas and test the speeds of different browsers.


The game features a few different options for map dimensions, tile size, updating frequency, and allows the user to manually toggle the state of a tile (mouse click).



  • Prototype for Wall Art project
  • Learn Canvas
  • To have fun with Conway’s Game of Life
  • [New] To learn CoffeeScript


Current Status

  • Served purpose
  • May be revived and expanded for Wall Art prototype

Latest (2012) version written in CoffeeScript on Git Hub:

2012 Demons of Cyclic Space written in CoffeeScript:

2011 version (not OO) written in JavaScript: