In Progress – these are currently notes that I am using to track progress and planning


Items required:

  1. Table
    • Took a quick look at Ikea and couldn’t find what we need. This is going to run ~ $250 depending on 2nd hand or not
  2. Glass top for table
    • Shouldn’t be more than $100 for the glass top
  3. Drawer for table
    • We may be able to get this with the table. If not we can build something but it will be more work ~ $100 for wood and sliders
  4. Wooden panel for drawer which contains controls (buttons will sit on this)
    • This is another piece of wood or something to mount the arcade panel on ~$100
  5. Arcade controls (stick + buttons + USB board + USB connectivity)
  6. Screen
    • < $300 for a new or 2nd hand screen – ideally 28″ or larger
  7. Computer (preferably laptop or fan-less computer, hopefully we can have it suspend and wake up on input)
    • Guesstimating $300 for a 2nd hand laptop or old mini-PC (alternatively we could use Raspberry Pi but that’s less flexibility/power)
  8. Speakers
    • We should be able to get some second hand speakers – we’ll need to find some way to incorporate them well. Perhaps on the bottom.